As EDİM Engineering, we aim to progress by continuously expanding our production capacity and offering innovative solutions in order to respond to global demands and maintain our leading position in the sector.

Aware of our social responsibilities, we aim to act in accordance with basic principles such as respect for human rights, environmental protection, green innovation and value creation. We aim to reinforce our leadership role in management and build sustainable partnerships by continuing our pursuit of excellence in cooperation with our stakeholders.

We aim to add value to our culture and society and to lead in renewable energy and high value-added process management. By adopting the principles of continuous improvement and innovation, we strive to improve our performance and guide our future achievements.


EDIM Engineering serves its customers worldwide by providing reliable, ethical and environmentally friendly solutions in the global energy and industrial sectors. At the core of our journey, we aim to provide exceptional training and career opportunities by continually investing in our motivated and talented employees.

We embrace performance leadership by aiming for operational excellence. We strive to be the industry leader in customer satisfaction and demonstrate superior financial performance.

Building on our belief in staff development through long-term commitment and support, we are confident in our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations. The reason why we are preferred by our customers is our claim to meet quality and service expectations.


  • Ethics: We never compromise on the principles of integrity, honesty and justice.
  • Safety and Health: We aim to create a compassionate and preventative culture by protecting people’s safety and health.
  • Quality: We continue our determination to do our job with excellence and flawlessness.
  • Relationships: We aim to establish long-term relationships based on trust and respect.
  • Innovation: We aim to continuously deliver value through creative ideas and foresight for change.
  • Sustainability: We aim to improve quality of life by respecting local communities, protecting the environment and interacting with people.
  • Teamwork: We value and support each other to achieve excellence.
  • Leadership: We support leadership among employees by encouraging talent development.