About Us

In 1974, Mechanical Engineer. Engineer Vedat YÜRÜKER and Mechanical Engineer. Engineer Cengiz VAROĞLU, EDIM was established as an Ordinary Partnership in 1974, and then in 1984, with the participation of Civil Engineer Sedat YÜRÜKER and Mechanical Engineer Hasan ÇOKUYSAL, EDİM Mühendislik Makine İnş. San. and Tic. A.Ş. under the name of Joint Stock Company. EDIM Group is proud to have brought many industrial facilities to our country in more than 50 years. Today, the second generation Mechanical Engineer. Engineer Erdem YÜRÜKER from the second generation, we are working with all our strength to produce sustainable value together with our employees, business partners, suppliers and all our stakeholders with the excitement of the first day and in a more dynamic structure. It will be our constant goal to continue to add value to our customers by accepting R&D, innovation and digitalization studies as a company culture with a human-oriented approach and we will continue to contribute to the industry in this way.

Fields of Activity

Although our company has experience and knowledge in many different fields, the following activities are our main fields of activity

MHS systems of Iron and Steel Plants, EAF equipment, ambient and furnace dedusting filters

Waelz-oxide recovery plants from EAF powders

Rock wool, glass wool, ceramic wool plants and Material Preparation Systems (MHS) for these plants

Assembly of spiral pipe factories and manufacturing of various equipment

Equipment manufacturing and piping for chemical plants, refineries

Material transfer systems for mining plants, crushing and screening plants

Jet-Pulse filters