Quality Policy

Since its foundation, our company has been a symbol of trust and prestige with its uncompromising corporate ethical values, the principle of superior quality applied in all its products and services, and its policy of investing in people.

With the awareness that the greatest strength of our company is our colleagues, we provide an egalitarian, inclusive, fair and respectful work environment that respects human rights; we keep the approach of our employees to work in safety and improve themselves with appropriate training at the center of all our quality processes.

For the continuity and success of our quality management, we continue to continuously improve our digital documentation system to document our work and to quickly access the quality documents that our customers may request.

While ensuring quality in production, we aim for profitable growth by creating the highest added value. While quality is our priority, we strive to be a carbon neutral company that respects the environment. For this purpose, we produce almost all of the energy we use as clean energy with the solar energy system in our facility.

Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

MHS systems of iron and steel plants, EAF equipment, ambient and furnace dedusting filters, waelz-oxide recovery plants from EAF dust, rock wool, glass wool, ceramic wool plants and Material Preparation Systems (MHS) for these plants -Spiral pipe factories assemblies and various equipment manufacturing, Our company, which operates in industrial facilities such as chemical plants, equipment manufacturing and piping works for refineries, Jet-Pulse filters, material transfer systems for mining plants, and crushing and screening plants, has determined its HSE policy in line with the occupational health and safety and environmental management system.

Edim Engineering sets goals and objectives for the OHS Management System, establishes Occupational Health and Safety management programs in line with these goals and objectives, and provides continuous improvement through training, information, auditing, performance measurement and monitoring activities.

OHS-E-compliant equipment and hand tools, including personal protective equipment, are stocked. In addition, the risk of occupational accidents and occupational diseases is minimized by ensuring that all employees comply with all rules.

Implementing an effective waste management model in all activities to prevent environmental pollution.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are at the center of everything we do, as our primary basis and values, and can never be compromised.